Upgrade guideΒΆ

The upgrade commands are executed as ponytracker user:

# su ponytracker
$ cd /srv/www/ponytracker

Activate the virtualenv:

$ source env/bin/activate

Enter in the repository directory:

$ cd ponytracker # we are now in /srv/www/ponytracker/ponytracker

Upgrade the files using git:

$ git pull -u master release

Install all new dependencies and upgrade previous ones:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt --upgrade

Be sure to use the correct configuration file each time you run the manage.py script by setting the DJANGO_SETTING_MODULE environment variable:

$ export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=ponytracker.local_settings

Collect static files to the STATIC_DIR:

$ python manage.py collectstatic

Apply database migrations:

$ python manage.py migrate

You can now restart ponytracker by restarting gunicorn or uwsgi depending of your installation. Do not forget to restart the celery worker too if you have installed it.